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Gedung Songo Temple and Imogiri Royal Cemetery

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Gedung Songo Temple
Gedung Songo Temple is complexes of Hindu temple which consist of 9 separated temples are spread out on a beautiful range of hills with 900 meter altitude. Those temple were built in 9 century by Hindu dynasty. To explore and see each of the,visitors have to walk along the steep and curve path on the beautiful hill with various kinds of vegetable crops around on it. There is also a small complex of smelling of sulfur on the hill that can be found on the way of exploring the temple. The visitors may also ride a horse to go along and explore Gedung Songo temple while enjoy the beauty of panorama on the hill.

Imogiri Royal Cemetery
Built in 1645, the tomb of Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo (the third king of the Mataram Kingdom), is on the peak of the cemetery. Sultan Agung became famous for his courage in fighting against the Dutch colonialists in 1628. All the kings of the Mataram Kingdom and their families are buried in Imogiri. You have to climb 345 stairs to reach the top of the hill where the tombs are located. Please note that visitors are obligated to wear traditional Javanese clothes. The cemetery is located on a beautiful hill about 12 kms from Yogyakarta.

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