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Nasi Kucing, The Most favorite main menu in Angkringan

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Welcome back in Yogyakarta, house of culture of Indonesia. In this post I'll tell you about unique local food. Just like my last post about moveable street stall called Angkringan, now I'll show you what favorite menu can you find in Angkringan.
Let's get in Yogya
Most of people and students in Yogyakarta familiar with this unique food named "Nasi Kucing" or "Sega Kucing" in Javanist. However, don't translate its meaning vulgar and think about food served for your pet cat and you eat..hehe. Named such "Cat rice" caused it serves in bit small portion rice with anchovy sauce and tiny slices of fried "Tempe". It wrapped in banana leaf and rice paper, even unused newspaper sometimes.

Cat rice however become the most favorite main menu in Angkringan food stall. Don't think about enough just eat up one portion. Try three portions for eating well. Surely, I usually do that...!hihihi.. How much money will you spend for this? Really not much. It's about 750 till 1000 rupiahs per portion.

Let's get in Yogya

Wanna try this? Let's get in Yogya. Spend your vacation time in night of Yogya and having dinner with "Nasi Kucing". See you next unique things!

2 comments to “Nasi Kucing, The Most favorite main menu in Angkringan”

  • July 31, 2010 at 10:24 AM
    deasy says:

    hmmm yummmy...satu bungkus gak kan cukup..

  • August 1, 2010 at 12:27 PM

    jadi kangen pulang Jogja nih, ke angkringan Tugu, Bunderan UGM ampe Klebengan qe3 makasih ya ;) barusan aku follow nih ...


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