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let's get in yogyakarta
For the Javanese, especially in Jogja, the objects were considered to have souls. Therefore, the objects must be treated almost the same privileges as the man himself. Maybe this is still regarded as animism, but of course the Javanese would deny this precedence.

What is clear, for the objects owned by Sultan Palace as a train, gamelan, as well as heritage, all of which have names like humans. There Sangkelat Kiai, Kiai Nagasasra (dagger), Kiai Guntur Madu (gamelan), there are also Kanjeng Nyai amulets and Kyai Puspakamanik (train).

In the Palace of Yogyakarta, the objects were always washed which is termed by the name "dijamasi" in the month of Sura (Muharam) and always on a special day Friday or Tuesday Kliwon Kliwon.

How jamasan itself is also typical. All involved in the ritual should wear the Peranakan Javanese traditional clothes. They, all male, wearing a long cloth, surjan, and headgear blangkon.

If the procession since the shall issue alone is worth the train tour, then when the train washing process also has the magical rituals of religious tourism. The foreigners will be amazed at watching hundreds of people of Java, even outside of Java, when I heard the style of speech, fighting over water marks laundry cart in a way to accommodate the flow of water from the train body.

let's get in yogyakarta

Water former laundry is put in bottled water bottles and jerry cans. Inevitably, people are fighting over water is also a part wet. "From the beginning I would take water from this jamasan. I believe, all the objects from the palace that has a dagger in a magical because these objects belonged to the powerful. Therefore, to bring this water, we hope, our family became powerful. That is, healthy wal afiat, "said Mrs. Marto Prawiro, wife of the former palace courtiers who now lives in Piyungan, Bantul.

A similar phrase is said by the grandfather Sastro from Wates, Kulonprogo. Wrinkled face beamed as she could hold as much water as one liter of mineral water bottles. "This water will I save. Able to against disaster, or it could be for the fertility of my rice field, "he said.

Seeing how people fight over water, it looks funny. Two berkain grandmother with gray hair long and, desperate crouched under the train to collect stream water rinse taken the train through the water pipe hydrant in front of the museum. Several other people, because the lazy water scramble near the train, waiting for the flow of water directly in the trenches. Water that he dipper with his hands, face and hair diusapkan solemnly.

Perhaps the belief that that was a blessing. Seeing this, some white tourists looked stunned. They wonder why a mother without feeling disgusted would scooped up water in the gutter that it is actually dirty?

Actually, in addition to jamasan train, inside the palace there is also a jamasan heritage. However, jamasan inheritance is not allowed visits by the public. Mystery jamasan heritage itself finally indeed stay mysteries that are kept down through the generations.

Try to have some yogyakarta tour to see this annually moment. It's only the in jogja. Have a nice accasion..!


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    I like it. Nice post friend

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    Yogya city culture

  • September 30, 2010 at 8:57 AM
    D3nBa9as says:

    Nice share and information Sis...

    One of culture in Indonesia...



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