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Ramayana Ballet Performance

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Ramayana ballet is based on the epic of Ramayana, which it's story is depicted on the wall of Prambanan Temple.

There are several theatres perform this ballet, the most spectacular one is at Prambanan open-air theatre that is located in the temple complex.

It is performed by about 250 dancers with brilliant costumes, dramatic confrontations, tumultuous extraordinary display of dancing and acrobating skills. It starts at 19.30, with the duration of two hours and during that time, you would be impressed by the totally remarkable composition of art performance.

Added by the hypnotically sinuous music from the Javanese traditional gamelan and the dramatic stage lighting, makes this performance as an item - not to be missed for traveler.

Episodic Performance, the story is presented in four episodes during four consecutive nights (one episode per night), under full moon from May to October (during dry season). See Episodic schedule.

Full Story, the whole story is condensed in one performance (in one night). See Full Story schedule.

During rainy season you can also enjoy the condensed story performed in one night in Trimurti Theater (indoor theatre) adjacent to the open-air theatre. See Trimurti schedule.


  • July 26, 2010 at 6:41 PM
    Donny says:

    i like this one..pengen liat itu tp blom sempet...hehe..


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