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Yogya's people and culture

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Famous for its warmth and friendliness, the city is occupied by nearly 800,000 people, many of them are artists and students. No wonder that it is popularly called "the city of students" because students from all over the country flood the city to seek better education. According to the latest survey, the pupil citizens amount to 20% of the city's total population.

Jogja is widely known as the fountainhead of Javanese culture for its abundance with exceptional cultural heritages - attractions that remind us of its gallant past: a kaleidoscope of ancient temples and monuments, colorful ceremonies and festivals, gamelan orchestras and graceful dances, the magnificent Sultan's Palace in the heart of the city, the ruins of Tamansari water castle.

Jogja is very alive as a cradle of Javanese culture, not just as a site where the remains of previous culture can bee seen. The continual practicing and perfecting of fine arts and other aspects of Javanese culture can still be found.

Jogja's fine art has been developing since the dawn of its history. Art over a thousand-year old like wayang kulit, the leather puppet shadow play, still hold a magic and fascination. A large number of Indonesian famous artists live or had been up brought in Jogja. To many Indonesian artists, Jogja is an oasis of inspiration.

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