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Vredeburg Fort

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Center of the town, in front of Gedung Agung (the former Presidential palace in the days of Yogyakarta became the capital of the State in 1946), behind the Monument of the General Offensive March 1 lies an ancient fortress, Vredeburg. This fortress built by the Dutch colonizers deliberately to secure his rule by a governor of the Dutch East Indies who reside in the Governorate Building (Great House now).

In this castle of a cannon mounted, directed to the sultan's palace, just in case, who knows Sultanate which have their own soldiers while he was still time to give resistance, rebelling against the Netherlands, such concerns did in the year 1949 really happened, because in the Yogyakarta palace we gather all the guerrillas, but the cannon did not speak anything right. This fort is one of the historical evidence of the past. Therefore, now maintained as the building because the building intangible bersejarah.Namun house big enough, then after the renovated into a museum that contains a diorama of the struggle of the Indonesian nation.

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